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Resolve The Identity and Re-Target Your Anonymous Website Traffic.

Here’s a statistic you may not be aware of….80-90% of your website traffic is anonymous. Regardless of the industry you’re in, it’s hard to swallow the reality that you may be spending marketing dollars to drive people to your website and missing the opportunity to stay engaged with 9 out of 10 of them. Scary but true.

It gets even scarier when you begin to contemplate the age-old, but still relevant model, which breaks down the efficiencies of growing current a customer base vs acquiring new ones. We can confidently group these anonymous site visitors as “customers”, as they’ve taken the key initial step by choosing to engage with you. Unfortunately, they haven’t been convinced enough to self-identify themselves through a transaction or authorized some level of communication from you.

How do marketers capture those visitors and re-target them to insure that they become customers? AcquireInsight can help by adding additional insight on WHO is visiting and help reach those visitors across multiple channels. Once our proprietary technology helps you connect-the-dots on who those previously anonymous visitors are, we specialize in helping you develop the most effective multi-channel re-targeting strategies across email, social, display or postal channels.

Through a filtering process powered by our CIIT and AcquireAudience solutions, we help you ensure your re-targeting strategies are focused on the most efficient audiences to maximize ROI. Data can be delivered where you need it OR to our AcquireLocal execution platform for campaign execution.


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