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AcquireGraph Overview

Linking Insights, Channels & Devices

The most valuable graph is the one that marries all critical insights to individualized audience segments to fully understand who they are, then connects those intent-based audiences to the digital channels with which they choose to engage, across any device they prefer. AcquireGraph is the only graph technology in the market that integrates the insights and linkage with the accuracy and scale marketers not only want, but need.

Whether it’s a CRM audience you want to understand better, a prospect audience that possesses the attributes you know are critical, or the 95% of your website traffic that’s anonymous, AcquireGraph helps put you in front of the right consumers when and where they’ve chosen to engage, at the most meaningful moment in the buying journey.

Marketers now have the luxury of a single partner that yields more cross-channel marketing scalability and accuracy, as well as transparent visibility to deterministic attribution, than ever before.


AcquireGraph Attributes

IP to Geo

Connects consumer IP addresses to a profiled neighborhood

Email to Geo

315+ Million emails tied to a physical address

Premier Partner Insights

10,000+ premier consumer & business insight attributes

Actionable Data Anywhere

Delivering actionable data wherever you need it is our priority

Cross-Channel Linkage

Marry your offline data to online across several digital marketing channels


Complete a broader, more insightful picture of engaged customers

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