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Whether you’re resolving anonymous website traffic for retargeting purposes or creating ideal audience segments to engage with from scratch, don’t start the process without first identifying the right graph technology for you.  The cost of this mistake is one you can’t afford.

Graph technology provides you with the ability to better understand the various audience segments you’re hoping to engage with. It will help you connect-the-dots on consumers and ensure your deploying your marketing strategies against the right audiences…the audiences that matter most.  It will allow you to add layers of insights and behavioral data to consumers giving you the ability to filter out only the ideal segments most likely to buy your product or service.  Equally important, the right graph technology will take it further and create the linkage required to engage with those audiences on the right devices, across email, social and display channels.

AcquireGraph has been helping marketers accomplish this for years. It’s the only graph in the market that has the ability to not only identify and connect the insights to audiences, but links them to their devices and channels of preference. Insights & linkage on their own are important, but having both is critical. AcquireWeb believes you shouldn’t have to choose.

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