Executive Team

  • Albert Gadbut President and CEO

    Prior to founding AcquireWeb in 2001, Gadbut has held management positions…

  • Barney Marvin Chief Revenue Officer

    Barney oversees AcquireWeb’s client services and business development…

  • Jim Scott Chief Operating Officer

    As AcquireWeb’s Chief Operating Officer, Jim is responsible for operating income objectives…

  • Jay Dean Chief Architect

    As Chief Architect, Jay brings to AcquireWeb a 30-year career of marketing management…

  • Don Waskiewicz Director of Data Services

    Don’s responsibility includes the management of AcquireWeb’s production team…

  • Noel Hernandez Director of Delivery

    Since starting with AcquireWeb in 2008, Noel’s focus day-to-day is to ensure that all projects are delivered on time…

  • Dmitriy Dvoskin Vice President of Product Development

    Dmitriy has been with AcquireWeb for over 10 years. Over his career with the company

  • Cort Irish Vice President of Marketing

    As Vice President of Marketing, Irish oversees the companies marketing and public relations …

Celebrating Another Historic Year For AcquireWeb.....Jamaican-style!
  • “One of the biggest things I enjoy about working for AcquireWeb is the people and the family atmosphere the organization fosters. In addition, the willingness to dedicate the resources needed to get to where we know the company can go is not only tremendous but unique.”

  • “One of the key reasons I joined AcquireWeb is due to the culture where I’m not a number but feel part of a team, knowing that I make a difference in our success.”

  • “I’m continually impressed with the amount of time existing employees spend supporting a new employee, whether mundane office tools such as using a phone or great conversations on value propositions, competitive awareness, difference in terminology such as solutions vs platforms.”

  • “AcquireWeb has helped me grow professionally in multiple ways. The culture pushes me to meet my goals. Allowing me to make mistakes that I can learn from but meanwhile letting me spread my wings and build my business.”

  • “The culture AcquireWeb fosters is unique. Although revenue is important, knowing that “family first” is also as important.”


AcquireWeb Team

Business Development &
Client Services

Brian Patera
Shane Evans
Karla Taylor
Tony Scott
Rich Slater
Patrick O’Neill
Molly Boukal

Solutions & Data

Debbie Thompson
Jeff Ballard
Michael Margulis
Ingrid Schneider
Tom Cassarini
Matt Fowler
Molly Kuehl

Development & IT

Sergei Shikov
Alex Kabak
Yuri Revotyuk
Sergey Makas

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