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As the Anonymous CRM company, we resolve and deterministically connect marketers with more able & intent-based consumers and businesses than any tech company in the industry AcquireWeb will identify your Anonymous CRM customers and enable you to activate your message to this audience across email, social and display.  One of the biggest challenges for every CMO today is to identify all your customers not just the ones who register with you to receive your CRM communications.  With few exceptions the Anonymous CRM portion of your Customer Base is 40-80% of any given Enterprise. Through compliant audience creation to scalable execution to attribution, AcquireWeb is the ONLY company that provides complete audience transparency against the various Anonymous CRM segments out there.

Anonymous CRM audiences are made up of multiple forms:

  • Anonymous website traffic (95% of overall website traffic on average)
  • Customers who have shopped at a brick and mortar store and paid cash
  • Customers who have shopped at a brick and mortar store and not bought anything, simply browsed
  • Online customers who purchased a product or service and chose not to join your CRM
  • Prospect audiences who fit the attributes to be your best customers but have not engaged with you
  • Past customers who you’ve lost track of. Have they purchased recently or not?

AcquireWeb database intelligence and management services have successfully helped Global 2000 companies leverage existing customer relationships, lower online acquisition costs, create new cross-sell opportunities and improve their return on marketing investments. Headquartered in Foster City, CA, AcquireWeb also has operating offices in Omaha, NE, Mason, MI, Newtown, CT and New York, NY.

AcquireWeb services a wide range of markets including:
  • Business to Consumer
  • Business to Business
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Finance & Banking
  • Government
  • Armed Services
  • Political
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Non-Profit
  • Wireless, Cable, Satellite
  • Technology
Quality Connections

AcquireWeb has made understanding customer identification our special focus. Target customers can appear in your data under multiple apparent identities, varying over time across contacts. The AWI team has the experience and custom toolset needed to integrate customer identities across databases, platforms and channels.

  • AcquireWeb processes in excess of 125 million new consumer records per month
  • AWI has extensive experience in data hygiene, both off-line and on-line
  • AWI has compiled our own consumer reference database from data acquired from over 40,000 different websites, public records, licensing partnerships and other offline and online sources
  • AWI employs multiple matching keys and technologies to over come the challenges in linking customer identities

With these tools we draw out a clear picture of customer interactions for our clients, and help to identify new ways to reach their target customers or prospects, such as email, social media advertising and display.

A Proven Methodology

AcquireWeb has developed a highly automated closed loop consumer identification methodology for matching your existing offline/online target customers or prospects across databases and to enhance missing data such as name, address, phone or email addresses. The AcquireWeb platform is highly scalable and built on industry leading data quality and data warehousing technologies.

Quick Turnaround

Through an automated matching and address standardization process, AcquireWeb has the fastest turnaround in the industry. You can be communicating with your customers more effectively online and offline within hours.

Start Connecting Your Dots

We’ll help you generate and transform current and prospective customer insights into actionable audiences. And provide unique tools to take action against this data to deliver the most effective and efficient multi-channel strategy.

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Our AcquireInsight solution is designed to help you identify the anonymous traffic to your website and retarget those prospects across multiple channels. Try it for free today.

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