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It used to be that when a company wanted a campaign, it would consult with an advertising agency, that would in turn recommend, create and place ads in print, TV, radio and direct mail for the brand. The internet changed all of that. Today, brands’ needs are different. Agencies must manage ad placements across channels and devices and adjust those placements real-time as they receive constantly-changing streams of data about the placements. To say the dynamics have changed is an understatement.

What keeps all of this from feeling like mysterious ‘marketing magic’ and more importantly, what keeps agencies’ digital marketing efforts from being ineffectual, is forming trusted relationships with the right insight partner(s). That trust should begin with transparency about the insights being captured for digital campaigns. In light of that, we offer up this list of 10 questions that every ad agency should ask its partners to build a foundation of trust and effective results.

  • What kind of transparency will you provide into the results of my digital marketing efforts?
  • Will you provide names and/or email addresses for the audiences you serve my ads to?
  • Will you provide identifying information for the campaign targets who click, click and open or take no visible action with campaign executions?
  • How will you help us organize our advertising efforts around clients, instead of channels?
  • What are your execution results across channels?
  • What specific adjustments will you make, mid-campaign execution to increase effectiveness and improve results? How frequently will you be able to accommodate adjustments to our plan?
  • How will you help us help our clients meet their quarterly business goals?
  • Are your services competing with other digital marketing efforts? If so, how?
  • What data will you report to us, when and how, so that we can effectively communicate results to clients?
  • How well can you explain what you are doing and why it does or doesn’t work?

Are you asking your data partners these questions? Do you trust them to execute your campaigns effectively and honestly? How would having more transparent relationships with data partners help you execute more successful campaigns for your clients?

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