Leveraging Insights into
Cross-Channel Digital Engagements
Resolve and deterministically connect
with your intent-based audiences
Connect with ideal customers
across platforms and channels
Accurately expand your customer base with
our industry-leading technology
We find customers who
are your best customers
Communicate with your targeted customers online
via email, social and display advertising
Make informed decisions
Discover & Engage with your anonymous website traffic
AcquireGraph Technology
Powering linkage between Insights, Channels & Devices

Discover & Engage Your Anonymous CRM

The Anonymous CRM company leveraging graph technology into effective, scalable, transparent and compliant cross-channel digital activation reaching only the intent-based audiences that matter to your brand.


Resolve the identity and re-target your anonymous traffic

Omni Channel

Connecting you with the right customers

Single Channel

Our proprietary self-serve or support-service execution platform


Connecting you with the right customers

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Some of our Clients & Partners

  • “AcquireWeb was the partner we chose to work with due to their focus on developing technology solutions to the various digital campaign needs we are challenged with overcoming. Most companies have a niche in one or two areas, AcquireWeb has the technology-based solutions through their Customer Identity Integration Technologies, that allow them to bring to the table the right approach to solving any problem or opportunity our clients have. Whether it’s identifying the right audience only, identifying the anonymous website traffic going to a client site, executing digital campaigns across multiple channels or all the above, they have the experience and track record to deliver results and have the reporting structure in place to make it visible for all clients. When it comes to identifying the right audiences and connecting them across multiple channels, it’s great to have a partner in AcquireWeb that we can go to for any of our clients regardless of the objectives they have and product/services they offer.“

    Jane Kaiser
    Jane Kaiser President at Eclipse DM

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We’ll help you generate and transform current and prospective customer insights into actionable audiences. And provide unique tools to take action against this data to deliver the most effective and efficient multi-channel strategy.

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