Our omni-channel solution, AcquireAnywhere, is a true multi-channel marketing strategy powered by AcquireGraph technology. It identifies and connects ideal consumers across email, social and display. Whether you’re using cross-channel marketing to target audiences who have self-identified themselves previously, or reaching audiences who have not engaged with your brands, the right multi-channel marketing strategy is critical in an environment where consumers engage when and where they choose.

A Strategic Multi-Channel Approach

The brands that engage in the most meaningful moments, through the most impactful channels, are the ones who succeed. Through AcquireAnywhere, Our proprietary AcquireGraph connects the dots on both your CRM and Prospect customers to create the audience profiles, identify the digital channels they engage with, and determine how and when they engage. As a result, we can develop the appropriate strategies to drive optimal results across email, social and/or display channels


Starts with our database with 1.6 billion emails tied to a physical address, coupled with an active database of over 85MM unique opt-ins, updated daily, weekly and monthly using proprietary quality filters and rigorous compilation methodologies leveraged to enhance accuracy.


Is the optimal combination of social’s one-to-one relationship with the engaged consumer and the proven insight derived from your own data or industry-leading behavioral data. AcquireWeb has the ability to take almost any existing data element, linking attributes to a consumer and pinpointing the same audience attributes in social media.


Offers a turnkey solution to onboard offline marketing data to over 350 million unique devices, synchronizing with other channel message delivery and executing online display campaigns in a self-service or full-service interface.  Our simple process and interface give you the power to identify the right audience and cost-effectively deliver your message without huge monetary commitments.

Key Features

  • Connect the dots on your CRM audiences to understand them better.
  • Identify the prospect universe that best meets the attributes required to be your ideal customers.
  • Develop actionable audiences for cross-channel marketing campaign execution across email, social and display channels.
Identify & Resolve Anonymous Website Traffic:
  • Through AcquireInsight technology, a website pixel is placed that allows AcquireWeb to pull down anonymous website visitors (95%+ of average website traffic) and identify/connect across email, social and display channels for remarketing campaign execution. These audiences could include:

1. CRM traffic
2. Aspirational shoppers who will not convert
3. Current customers who have chosen not to be added to a marketer’s CRM.

Campaign Execution:
  • Once target audiences are made actionable, the AcquireAnywhere solution will execute the cross-channel email, social and display campaigns based on approved budgets, timing and creative requirements.
Transparent Match-back Analysis and Reporting:
  • The AcquireAnywhere Solution will provide clients with real-time, fully transparent campaign metrics (delivered, impressions, opens, clicks, etc.) depending on individual channels. Even more critical, the solution will integrate client transactional data to allow for true and accurate visibility of ROI based on individual channels and audience targeting.
  • Allows for ongoing campaign optimization based on accurate and real-time results.

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Our AcquireInsight solution is designed to help you identify the anonymous traffic to your website and retarget those prospects across multiple channels. Try it for free today.

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