Cross-channel social media linkage

AcquireSocial is the optimal combination of social’s one to one relationship with the engaged consumer and the proven insight derived from your own or industry leading behavioral data. AcquireWeb has the ability to take almost any existing data element linking attributes to a consumer and processing them to be available to link to the same audiences in social media.

The solution includes an encrypted process to protect all consumer data and adheres to all platform privacy standards. Depending on the requested type of social media advertising AcquireWeb can on-board the target data and manage through campaign execution, or if required will work with your existing team and social channels credentials to simply make the audience available for you or your agency to execute.

  • Proprietary AcquireGraphy technology will play a crucial role in resolving customer data and linking across social media channels
  • AcquireEmail will allow for the ability to identify customers and prospects across social media channels and funnel data to our algorithms for cross-channel connection
  • Our Premier Partner Insights will aid in identifying the key attributes needed to engage customers and prospects in relevant content cross-channel
  • Simple custom audience available in respective social platform
  • Full execution of custom audience in respective platform
  • Access to set-up/reporting in AcquireLocal
Cross Channel
  • Lift from cross channel
  • Seamless execution to same audience
  • Expanded audience reach by identifying social channel “look-a-like” and connecting with them