Our proprietary self-serve or support-service execution platform


AcquireLocal is our proprietary campaign execution platform for Email, Social & Display, giving advertisers the ability to execute in self-service mode or simple visibility into fully managed campaign execution. AcquireLocal is driven by the actionable data delivered using our AcquireGraph Technology and AcquireAudience platform.

Insights delivered through our AcquireGraph and AcquireAudience solutions will identify and filter out your ideal targets then funnel that information to the AcquireLocal platform for execution against local or national scale strategies. The solution provides businesses of all size with the ability to execute in multiple digital channels as well as optimize and build post-campaign match-back analysis.

How AcquireLocal Works

AcquireLocal Products & Solutions


Identify and make prospect emails actionable


Cross-channel social media linkage


Optimized Multi-Device Display Targeting

Matchback Analysis

With every solution, providing our clients with a matchback analysis to truly determine a campaigns ROI is essential to us. Our team will work with you to set up the necessary tools on the front end of a campaign as well as collect necessary data from you, enabling us to monitor and build the post-campaign matchback analysis.

AcquireWeb has built proprietary technologies that help our partners tie actual transactional data of a targeted individual to the marketing campaign execution.