Anonymous Site Visit Identification

With 85%-90% of the traffic visiting your site being anonymous and not readily identifying themselves, there is an audience of engaged customers that you’re not converting.  AcquireInsight can help you identify them, and more importantly reach out to them in a commercial dialogue and turn your anonymous visitors into qualified leads.

Reading IP

AcquireWeb’s AcquireGraph technology resolves the IP of the site visit to a Zip+4, filters the traffic of bots, foreign and public traffic, identifies consumers vs businesses and provides insight against over 350 mm unique devices.

Onboarding Data

Once AcquireGraph & AI have identified the anonymous traffic we connect the industries best offline data with our Premiere Partner Insights. This process allows us to fully identify the audiences and connect the behavioral and demographic dots on your anonymous site visitors. Plus it can be customized for any site owner proprietary data or existing data partnership.

User Interface/Dashboard
  • By using our custom AcquireInsight dashboard you’ll gain immediate and real time visibility to a variety of traffic insights:
  • Geographic heat maps from national to the individual market-level
  • Demographic, psychographic and additional household-level data to drive audience and campaign decision-making