190+ Million IP Addresses attached to a zip+4

IP to GEO connects consumer IP addresses to a profiled neighborhood using observations of web and mobile activity from several sources including individuals and households from a known geo as well as business origination and business designated geography. The proprietary technology that allows targeting at the Zip+4, associating any segment characteristics to a few households associated with the specific neighborhood (6-8 households).

IP targeting allows for expanded reach over cookie-based targeting without compromising audience identification.

Resolving Through IP

Proprietary algorithms compile data from multiple sources:

  • User Interaction including AcquireWeb’s database of 290MM+ emails tied to physical address
  • Public data
  • License data
  • Proprietary service/tech sources

IP Database

  • 190MM IP to Zip+4
  • 3.5MM Biz to IP
  • In-house proprietary data
  • Non-cookie
  • Attribution/Match-back
  • B2B & B2C
  • Privacy Compliant
  • Scalable
  • 90%+ of the US geo touched

IP solution provides for expanded reach by extrapolating households within specific neighborhoods who mirror individual audience select makeups for targeting communications.

Pinning an IP address to a Zip+4 aligns with State & Federal regulated data, Most audience clustering systems / models and allows for compliant targeting of any proprietary data set.

IP Solution Optimization
  • Any web user who can be placed within that geography or business location can be profiled.
  • Potential reach 6 to 10 times over individual, PII-based cookies.
  • Billions of consumer data points linked.
  • Confidence scores assigned to location and other observation variables to understand demographic and purchase profiles assigned to an IP address.