The proprietary engine that drives our solutions

AcquireGraph Overview

The engine that runs our solutions

AcquireWeb’s core is our proprietary AcquireGraph technology that allows us to connect the dots on CRM audiences and identify ideal prospect universes to ultimately create actionable audiences for execution across email, social and display channels. AcquireWeb has developed a highly automated closed loop consumer identification methodology for matching your existing offline/online customer or prospects across databases and to enhance missing data such as name, address, phone or email addresses. The AcquireWeb platform is highly scalable and built on industry leading data quality and data warehousing technologies.

AcquireWeb’s AcquireGraph algorithms aggregate data from three primary sources; IP to GeoEmail to GeoPremier Partner Insights.

Products & Solutions

IP to Geo

Connects consumer IP addresses to a profiled neighborhood

Email to Geo

315+ Million emails tied to a physical address

Premier Partner Insights

10,000+ premier consumer & business insight attributes