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In less than 5 minutes, start identifying where you are on the readiness spectrum for effective marketing and growing your database of qualified prospects and more great customers.

Connect My Offline Data to the Digital World

AcquireWeb’s proprietary AcquireGraph technology provides our clients and partners with the ability to take limited amounts of data they have on current clients and connect the dots across multiple digital channels. Through our AcquireGraph process flow, AcquireWeb is able to develop a full profile of your current customers complete with connections to the digital channels they engage with such as social media, display and email.

Our technologies don’t stop there, we have the ability to not only deliver actionable data on your current customers but we also specialize in identifying the prospect universe and have campaign execution platforms that our data feeds into for delivery of your messaging to these audiences.

Identify Anonymous Web Site Visitors and Re-Target

Marketers are spending valuable dollars each month to reach potential customers, however over 90% of the visitors to any given website are anonymous. How do marketers capture those visitors and remarket to them to insure that they become customers?

AcquireInsight can help by adding additional insight on WHO is visiting, filter to those who are relevant and help reach those visitors across multiple channels.

Know Who But Not Engaged or Engaged in Desired Channels

You have a database of customers who have transacted with you but the data you’ve captured is incomplete and missing key information to reach those customers across all digital channels. Or, they are unresponsive with your current contact information and you want to re-engage with new contact points.

AcquireWeb can help you fill in the gaps to deliver your best customers, identify the prospect universe and connect you to the channels with which those audiences engage.

Engaged With Your Audience But Want/Need to Know Who They Are and More About Them

You’ve been able to develop a CRM but your missing some key profile attributes. You connect with them using data you have on-hand, but you know there is additional data you need to capture on your best customers. Sound familiar?

AcquireWeb has the products and solutions that will help you fully identify the profiles of your best current customers allowing you to ensure your engagements with them are as targeted as they can be, both by channel but also by demographic and consumer attribute characteristics. Consumers don’t only buy a product or service, they buy an emotional peace-of-mind based on relationships, so engaging the right people with the right message is critical in today’s competitive landscape.

Need to Build Your Ideal Audience and Connect With Them

AcquireAudience is where the process begins.  Whether you’re interested in linking an existing audience across channels, building your ideal audience from scratch or identifying the universe of prospects using your current customers as a benchmark, the AcquireAudience platform can help you identify and connect. The solution operates as a funnel by incorporating our Customer Identity Integration Technologies (CIIT) data with any known or unknown customer information you have. Even if you only have a couple key selects, our technology is the right solution for you. Our CIIT will onboard all data and fill in the blanks providing an output of cross channel actionable data to be used as the foundation for your campaign executions.

Increase Scale and Accuracy of Target Market Audience

You’ve identified what the ideal customer profile makeup looks like, but you know your only engaged with a fraction of the universe of people that fit this profile.

AcquireAudience is our proprietary solution that will help you identify not only additional characteristics about your audience but help you locate and determine the most effective and efficient channels to reach the target audience universe with which you are not currently engaged.

Cross Channel Connect With Same Audience

AcquireWeb specializes in the ability to take limited sets of data you have on your best customers and connect the dots. Through out Customer Identity Integration Technology (CIIT), our AcquireAudience solution can take the data you have on-hand and identify the other channels your best customers engage with and connect you with them.

You have an email address only and you want to engaged with them on their social media platforms or you have a name and postal address but want to reach them via email, these are just some examples of the ways our solutions can connect those dots for you.

Start Connecting Your Dots.

We’ll help you generate and transform current and prospective customer insights into actionable audiences. And provide unique tools to take action against this data to deliver the most effective and efficient multi-channel strategy.