Solutions customized across B2C and B2B industries



Business to Consumer

Utilizing our proprietary AcquireGraph Technology, AcquireWeb has been able to leverage our 190 million IP to Zip+4 and 315+ million emails tied to physical addresses databases, to deliver actionable data for marketing campaign executions across an array of consumer categories.

Our ability to generate and deliver multi-channel targeted messaging to our clients ideal customers and prospects to over 90% of the US geography has allowed us to be an industry-leader for over 15 years.

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Business to Business

Breaking through the B2B category can be difficult, especially when factoring in the “red tape” processes many businesses have in place. AcquireWeb has developed the technology and database to allow our B2B clients the opportunity to cut that tape and deliver not only relevant and timely messaging to their current and prospect businesses, but ensure they’re reaching the right ones.

AcquireWeb utilizes our own 26 million+ self-reported records along with a 3.5 million business to IP solution to deliver multi-channel actionable data and execution platforms to ensure your message is seen by the right business audiences.

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It’s no secret that the automotive industry is an extremely unique category where consumer relationships with your brand or dealership are crucial. AcquireWeb has built long-term relationships in the automotive category with this focus in mind coupled with the development of turnkey products and solutions to help deliver your objectives whether you’re a national brand looking to increase consumer perception or a local dealership wanting to stay close to your customers and deliver targeted and frequent messaging.

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With the abundance of retail options consumers have these days coupled with the emergence of multi-device research and purchasing behaviors today, the need to identify audiences and determine the most effective way to communicate with them is paramount.  Whether you’re a national home improvement chain with over 1000 locations or a single flower shop in a Chicago suburb, AcquireWeb has developed the technologies that allow you to engaged with your ideal customers and prospects across multiple channels and devices.

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Financial Services

In the financial services category, understanding and being able to connect to the various audiences you have depending on the products and services you offer is crucial. Whether it’s opening a checking account, rolling over a 401K or creating an estate plan, your audiences have a wide range of profile characteristics that you need to identify and be able to segment for messaging.

Through AcquireWeb’s proprietary AcquireGraph Technology, we have the ability to not only segment the right audiences for you but also assist you with cross-channel campaign execution.

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The franchise industry can be an ultra-competitive landscape whether your fighting for share of pizza sales in your market or striving to be the market-leader in car maintenance services. Your coop marketing support allows for varying levels of presence in your area, however, it is critical to overlay with highly targeted messaging to get traffic in the door and sales in the register.

AcquireWeb has spent over 15 years working alongside franchises in all business categories to do just that. We help you market to your best customers while identifying where and how to engaged with the prospect audiences around your location. Delivering the actionable data to allow you to identify them is one part of our solution, the other is helping you deliver the messaging to those audiences cross-channel through our proprietary self-serve or staff-supported execution platforms.

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Are you considered an expert in your technology field currently? The reality is that by the time you get through this paragraph, someone else may be. More so than any other field, the technology space reinvents itself minute-by-minute. As a company who has become an industry-leader in this category for over 15 years, AcquireWeb fully understands those pains that keep you up at night.

Our clients range across multiple areas within the technology space and utilize our Customer Identity Integration Technologies and the solutions we provide as the means to remain the technology influencers in their customers minds. Through our ability to fully identify the profiles of their current and prospective customers and continually enhancing data around their multi-channel and multi-device use, we help our technology clients reach their audiences in the most effective ways.

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